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Month: March 2018

Why Limo?

Limousine, popularly called Limo, is a gigantic automobile which has a whole lot of jaw dropping facilities which often make people to do all they could to use it for occasions like weddings ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, contract appointments, etc.

The question;

Why Limo,” is something we must answer. A lot of people actually have their reasons for renting a Limo for their wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries and sometimes contract appointments with good intents.

However, those that do not even know shit about Limo yet uses it cannot be overlooked without talking about them.

Well, personally, apart from Rolls Royce, my next preferred car slot goes to Limo. Limo is cool and because of this, we’ll be giving excuse for crushing on Limo for basically all their occasions.

Below are exceptional features of Limo;

  1. Comfort: Aside the abode cars give us, comfort is next to nothing. Of what importance is a car with no comfort? It’s as good as walking briskly under the scorching Sun. However, comfort wise, Limo got you covered. With Limo, you can expect somewhat like a sitting room. Unlike the normal seat arrangement for “normal or regular” cars, the Limo’s seat arrangement is like that of the business class airplanes where the seats face each other. With this, a couple can comfortably look into each other’s eyes and take some time out to pledge to themselves. Business wise too, it is good. It looks more like a round table meeting. It enhances the psychology of a meeting board unlike a regular car.
  1. Elegance: Another of those many features possessed by the Limousine is its elegance. The Limousine is a car of class. It gives your wedding a swell taste and public perception if used. It’s a once in a life time thing, remember? It ought to be celebrated in grand style. Even for meetings, using Limo services gives your partner a good feeling about you. By that, they should know you’re up and doing to have afforded to rent a Limo – It’s some money even if you can’t buy one!

Dancing on a Wall

Sometimes in life, situations are thrown at you that can make you rethink what you know about your skills. Writers tasked with doing a different genre, for instance. Singers being tasked with hitting notes that they aren’t typically required to hit.


It’s roughly the same as when you’re being asked to dance on something other than the floor.


One of the strangest things I’ve ever had to do is to dance on a wall or window. It’s not the wall dancing you think of, where you’re alone and gyrating in front of a wall because you can’t find any other dance partner. This one’s a little more involved.


The first thing I learned about it is that it exists.


They use a harness to suspend you over the ground. It’s a little challenging to balance with, and spinning moves are not going to work, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. I’m told it uses the same sort of safety tech that you get with high rise window cleaning Perth.


To me, that’s a good thing. The gear’s been proven safe and tested.


Dancing on a wall is a challenge. Fancier moves and jumps are out of the question, along with spins. This means entire styles of dance are right out. There’s plenty you can do, and if you’ve got support teams, you could even come up with entirely new moves.


Surfaces can be a challenge, though. Not all walls are made of something you can dance on. Though if you’re dancing on glass, like those wall to wall windows, you see in some offices, that’s an excellent surface to move on. If you’re willing to do a little work along with it, you can even do some light cleaning.


It was a challenge, the first time I tried it. You need to be mindful of the harness, which means you’re not focusing as much on the beat or the moves. It can make things awkward until you get used to being in the restrictions.


There’s also the fear. When you’re not standing on solid ground, it’s easy to feel afraid that you’ll fall and hurt yourself.


Still, once you get the hang of it, it does feel great. It’s a whole new game and one that can be a challenge to get into. It’s a real way to stretch your creativity, give yourself a few restrictions and then work your magic.